Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY: bracelet re-style

Today I was cleaning out my make-up pouch and came across a beautiful yet forgotten bracelet. I soon realized that the clasp had broken and it was much to small for me. However, instead of throwing or giving the bracelet away, I decided to do a simple DIY that will update the bracelet so it can be worn again and again!

Materials needed;
An old bracelet (mine had a missing clasp)
Piece of ribbon- black or white are the best colors since they are neutral and can pair with any colors the bracelet might be.

1. Determine how tight you want the bracelet to fit. I wanted to be able to slip mine on and off, so I adjusted accordingly. Loop the ribbon through the open rings of the bracelet and two knots for where you want the bracelet to stay. The knots should prevent the rings from moving so you have the perfect fit!

2. The first step took some time, so make sure you have the exact fit you need before moving on to the next step. Tie a knot, making sure the two knots that hold the rings in place are still intact. This will tie the bracelet on your wrist.

3. The next step requires you work with one hand, so of you need someone else to help, it may be easier than attempting on your own. Once the bracelet is securely knotted, tie the remaining pieces into a small, neat bow.

4. Cut off excess ribbon.
Enjoy your new re-styled, improved bracelet! :)

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